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I have visited ACG Villa Kyoto several times over the past three years and have carefully observed the space through the dialogue with the house. Since then, I have nurtured ideas, worked on production, and developed into an exhibition that can be described as a collaboration with the architecture.

The Time in Boundless Verdure*1

In “Nature and Man”, published in 1900, Roka Tokutomi describes the June dusk of Zushi*2 in the following words: “Things dissolve into each other, entering a spiritual state of selflessness in a trance. No words, no sound, no light. Only verdant. Only boundless.”

Every time I reread this book, this passage catches my attention and I often dream of that trance-like time and landscape.

When I first visited ACG Villa, I nervously stepped in and found blue tiles at the foot of the entrance. I remember how the deep hue and warmth of the indistinct tone somehow soothed me.

I tried to reproduce the glaze of those blue tiles. I tailored three-dimensional and planar variations which I arranged in a series of rooms. Deeper and deeper, these refined spaces lead into the interior. As I gently coat another layer, I pray that a time will transpire where the two worlds resonate.

― Yoon Heechang

*1: “Boundless Verdure” is a translation of “蒼々茫々(Sōsō Bōbō).” In the Japanese original, the artist explains that Sō (蒼) means blue (which also translates to lush or verdant), and Bō (茫) indicates boundlessness (or vagueness). The direct translation of the artist’s explanation has been omitted in place of this footnote.

*2: Zushi city is in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is located on Sagami Bay, facing the Pacific Ocean.

Yoon Heechang "Verdant boundless"
2022.10.29 Sat.—11.26 Sat.
ACG Villa Kyoto